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Group Aerobics & Core Strength

Group Exercise Programs

Do it in a group! The beauty of exercising to music with a group and being led by a group exercise leader is that you tend to work harder and longer than you would on your own. The support provided by classmates who share your quest for a better body and mind can hasten success for everyone involved. We offer programs for all fitness levels, join a class today!

Circuit Fit (No Additional Fee if Member)

Just like Boot Camp,  Full Circuit Body Conditioning promises to kick your butt with a combination of cardio exercise and strength training.  Exercise that focuses on multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Each class is strategically composed so that you’ll never do the same routine twice.

Step and Stretch (No Additional Fee if Member)

An energizing aerobic step interval workout, followed by a stretching routine that will help you return to your pre-excercise state safely.